Famar Industries is a metalwork manufacture which produces, assembles and installs special containers, which can satisfy the requested needs of customers.

In over 15 years of activity the continuous evolution of the market led Famar to the realization of a wide range of special products, fully equipped and prepared, offered to its customers with the right balance between quality and price.

Thanks to cutting-edge tools and highly qualified personnel, Famar is able to face any kind of job, from the design and coming to the realization of the finished product.

Famar is able to follow the customer from the initial phase of the project, where an estimate of the maximum capacity, is always accompanied by a drawing on which it can start the thread in a position to understand the needs of the customer.

The strict control of all business processes and the system of quality management EN ISO 9001/2008, makes Famar careful and dynamic towards customer satisfaction and cost reductions in production.

Famar works both in Italy and abroad, the execution of orders in full compliance with the highest standards of quality and safety.


Famar Industries s.r.l.

Via dell’industria 26/28
29020 Vigolzone
Piacenza, ITALY
C.F. - P.Iva 01618320335

Tel/Fax: 0523.872029