Famar, Famar is aware of the needs of the increasingly demanding market and with high demanding standards, in order to ensure a level of quality that continually satisfy customer needs has adopted a quality system applied to the various business activities.

  • Design
  • Purchases
  • Production
  • Coating
  • Fittings
  • Testing

The organization allows total control of the phases of the production cycle, ranging from the receipt of raw materials, the processing steps up to the quality control according to ISO EN 9001/2008 products ensuring a high level of reliability.

Quality System ensures:

  • Full customer satisfaction, acknowledging customer expectations correctly identified by the requirements specified in the contract documents
  • Development and reliability of production processes
  • Optimization of human resources through training with theoretical activities and practical training on the business site
  • Optimization of economic resources
  • Improvement of the production and management processes and their consolidation
  • Involving each employee within their duties and responsibilities to achieve the objectives of Quality
  • Involves each supplier of materials and / or services in order to ensure maximum reliability and conformity of all purchases
  • It is reassessed at least once a year

Our staff, is highly qualified and experienced, operates under quality welds and qualifying welders for steel and steel alloys conforming to the UNI EN 287-1 2004.

Being always in close collaboration with leading certification authorities, we are able to offer you on request the following certifications:

  • CSC certification for maritime transport issued by a certifying authority
  • PED and ATEX Certification
  • Certification of reaction to fire A0, A1, A30, A60, H60, H120

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