The long experience gained over the years, has led us to offer a variety of services designed to meet the different needs of our customers. This led us to not limit ourselves only to the construction of container, but to offer the product set up and complete in all its parts: accessories, positioning components, electrical and plumbing systems, which allows us to provide a true full package.




A team of professionals, guarantees a presale to analysis problems, for the choice of materials and to arrive at the most appropriate solutions. The preliminary feasibility study, both internally and externally of the container which are defined according to customer needs.

During the offer the cost quote is accompanied by a preliminary design composed on the basis of information and specifications received from the client, which will be a starting point to discuss the project.




The technical department has software stations that allow 3D modeling and the development and drafting of projects. The constant relationship between the office and the production team, provides quick and accurate data, optimizing times of realization and especially a controlled management of the various orders.






Famar can count on the support of qualified engineers and technicians which are able to design facilities, ensuring rapid preparation of the elaborate and extensive flexibility in finding the best solutions.

  • A careful analysis of the specific requests
  • A qualified study of critical factors
  • Structural analysis using FEM method
  • Redevelopment for material at low temperatures
  • Acoustic impact study
  • Air flows study
  • Thermal impact study
  • Wiring schemes
  • Hydraulic schemes



Famar has a team of people with many years of experience, able to manufacture any kind of construction (electrical, mechanical and hydraulic) as needed and according to customer specifications.






As for coating, Famar employs highly qualified suppliers able to accomplish every kind of specification, which goes from standard to offshore. The sandblasting and coating system features two overhead cranes, two flags and four forklifts, which allows loading, unloading and handling of artifacts up to a total weight of 250 tons with a maximum size of 18mt x 5mt x 5mt of height.

The quality controls are carried out by an inspector FROSIO 2nd level.




Famar is able to perform all the final tests before shipment.

  • Check electrical system and lighting standards and emergency
  • Check correct functioning of plumbing systems
  • Verification at 100% of rated power with load cells
  • Verification and detection phonometric
  • Check air flow and detection
  • Check sprinklers
  • Verification of all processes and installations performed by art.



The activities are all within industrial buildings appropriately equipped with machinery and lifting equipment that allows the handling of artifacts up to 60 tons.

Particular attention is given to the packaging, which can be standard (with the application of metal sheet panels/wood on all open surfaces of the container) or offshore type. We have the means for delivery and we can handle abnormal loads both domestically and abroad.




Warranty and after-sales service in any area, with a prompt and professional service.


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